Large Gong in Brown Antique Stand – 80cm – Black


    These gongs are traditionally used in Bali and Java in temple ceremonies, but these days also used in Yoga studio's. Many people believe the gong sound to have healing properties.. Sound the gong to bring peace and love into your space.

    The gongs comes with a sturdy wooden carved stand. Making an attractive and useful artwork. 

    Handmade in Bali

    Musical, mystical and decorative. 

    Embrace your gong, order now.

    Sizes and Weight:

    Gong: D: 80cm H;17cm 

    Stand: H:1.30cm L:1.23cm 

    Dragon on top of the stand: 1 metre

    Gong Weight: 9kg

    Mallet: 12cm

    Total Weight: 16kg

    In stock


    Unit net weight (kg):

    Package weight (kg): 16

    Unit dimensions:


    Weight16 kg


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