About English Home Living

English Home Living (EHL) is an independent, online lifestyle department store, where all products are curated with the intention of offering easy and incremental home improvement and lifestyle products that – as finishing touches – make a real difference to the heart of our customers’ homes.

Offering a choice of over 7000 products across a wide range of product categories that span lifestyle, health and the home, EHL prides itself on its human touch. We value the product buyer and curator over faceless algorithms and employ personal customer service instead of outsourced call centre farms.

We offer a wide range of products our customers are unlikely to find in shopping malls or high street stores. We use the global reach of the internet to reach small businesses around the world and high street human curation and customer service to bring our customers the best of both worlds.

Curation, quality and customer service. The heart of the home.

English Home Living was born to bring together all the lifestyle products, homeware ideas, quick DIY projects and finishing touches that make a real difference to the heart of your home. 

We wanted to bring the eccentric and eclectic, the practical and creative, the unique, distinctive and wonderful all under one roof and so English Home Living was born. With a choice of over 7000 products, EHL is here to help express the heart of your home. We believe our customers can make their home more inviting with an affordable flourish or a homely touch.

And it almost doesn’t matter where home is. We deliver to North America and the UK. We’ll soon be delivering to Scandinavia, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

English Home Living offers:

  • A carefully selected collection of more than 7000 product lines for home and lifestyle
  • Everything from baking and beauty to fashion and furniture
  • Personal, human customer service
  • Worldwide shipping to wherever our customers call home