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If you are looking for photo frames that are full of personality and are unique to your home, look no further than our beautiful range right here, just scroll to see. We have every style imaginable and you can find the perfect frame to create a special spot for your family’s memories – or get one as a thoughtful gift for someone else.

Multi and collage photo frames

Storing family memories can be difficult and expensive, so it’s important to have a creative way to display it. These framed prints are specially designed for multi and collages which gives you the opportunity to create your own special thing or use them as unique gifts.

Beautiful photo frames under £15

Let’s face it, your memory needs preserving and even the most humble of frames are perfect for displaying precious memories. But before shelling out big bucks on expensive frames you could find budget friendly options as well. Our range of great designs can be found with competitive prices that are within any family’s budget. Plus you’ll score some celebrity points when you let your friends in on our little secret!

Personalised photo frames

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or any other occasion there is always the problem of what present to get for someone. Rather than going out and getting something generic, why not buy them an original gift? A Personalised Photo Frame is always a great choice as it means that no matter what the occasion is they will be getting a one-off.

Decorative photo frames

At English Home Living we put particularly designy and whatnot in our line of decorative frames. From modern to traditional, it’s hard to find a space that can’t be improved by placing one of our products in an aesthetically pleasing (though highly visible) place.

Wooden and wall photo frame sets

Fun and innovative, our wooden and wall photo frame sets offer a fun and cohesive way of displaying pictures in the home. With themed collections, as well as designs to make any room or interior stand out from the rest, we have something for everyone.

Seaside themed photo frames

These handmade fringe bags are a beautiful accessory for anyone who loves bags. They’re made with a quality PVC leather effect strap, brushed cotton fringe, and cotton inside lining. The natural look is perfect for any outfit, and the bag is large enough to hold all your essentials. Whether you’re hitting the beach or heading to the office, this bag will make you look and feel your best.